, Volume 32, Issue 4, pp 388-394

Resistance to fusarium basal rot of onion in greenhouse and field and associated expression of antifungal compounds

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Greenhouse and field evaluations of onion for resistance to Fusarium basal rot caused byFusarium oxysporum f.sp.cepae were conducted on cultivars ‘Akgün 12’ and ‘Rossa Savonese’ previously described as resistant at the seedling stage. In the greenhouse experiments inoculations were carried out on seeds or soil; in the field experiments evaluation was performed on onion sets from plants grown in naturally infested soils. Akgün 12 and to a lesser extent Rossa Savonese were resistant to the disease at the bulb stage in all experiments. Results were also consistent with those obtained from a previous screening at the seedling stage. Onion sets were also extracted and fractionated by thin layer chromatography to determine their content of antifungal compounds. Extracts were characterized by the expression of distinct antifungal components, which may be involved in resistance to the pathogen.

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