, Volume 22, Issue 4, pp 417-422

Two new lignans fromLindera obtusiloba blume

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Two new furanolignans (3, 5), together with three known lignans (1, 2, 4), were isolated from the stem ofLindera obtusiloba (Lauraceae). The structures of the compounds were determined as actifolin (1), pluviatilol (2), 5,6-dihydroxymatairesinol (3), (+)-syringaresinol (4), and (+)-9′-O-trans-feruloyl-5,5′-dimethoxylariciresinol (5) on the basis of physicochemical and spectroscopic evidences. Compounds1, 2, 3, and5 showed cytotoxicity against a small panel of human tumor cell lines with ED50 values of 3.40∼19.27 μg/ml.