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Sugar Tech

, Volume 6, Issue 1, pp 73-75

First online:

Genetic variability in fibre and related characters for selection of sugarcane

  • R. B. DouleAffiliated withVasantdada Sugar Institute Email author 
  • , N. BalasundaramAffiliated withSugarcane Breeding Institute

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A trial was conducted with 28 genotypes which are complex polyploids of inter specific origin from three species of sugarcane viz.Saccharum officinarum L;S. spontaneum L;S. sinense L; were taken to assess the extent of variability at phenotypic and genotypic levels, heritability coefficient (Broad sense), genotypic coefficient of variability (GCV) and genetic advance to estimate the fibre per cent cane and related characters at 300 and 360days maturity. Fibre per cent cane and rind hardness at 300 and 360 days maturity exhibited high degree of genotypic coefficient of variability, genetic advance, and moderate levels of heritability coefficient. Moisture per cent cane recorded relative low levels of genetic advance due to lower genetic coefficient of variabilities.


Saccharum Genetic advance Variability Heritability GCV