, Volume 162, Issue 3, pp 95-97

Glandular differentiation in cardiac myxomata

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We present a case of cardiac myxoma associated with Carney’s complex in which histological examination revealed numerous well formed glandular structures at the base of the lesion. Immunoperoxidase studies showed these glands to be epithelial-like with positive staining for EMA, CEA and CAM 5.2. Mucin stains were also positive. The presence of these gland-like structures within a cardiac myxoma, unless recognised as part of the tumour, may lead to the erroneous diagnosis of secondary adenocarcinoma. We reviewed eighteen further cardiac myxomata of which two were associated with Carney’s complex. Of these eighteen tumours only one, not associated with Carney’s complex, contained glandular structures and these were poorly formed.