, Volume 45-46, Issue 1, pp 811-822

The effect of media composition on EDTA degradation byAgrobacterium sp.

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EDTA degradation by anAgrobacterium sp. has been examined by quantifying14C-labeled CO2 produced from iron-[2-14C] EDTA and by measured loss of nonlabeled EDTA by HPLC. Fe-EDTA degradation resulted in a rise in pH, nitrate concentration, and ammonia concentration. Addition of glycerol resulted in suppression of Fe-EDTA degradation and in a decrease in pH and NH4 + concentration in the media. Addition of peptone or yeast extract did not affect degradation. Some of the components (e.g., biotin) of the media are not necessary for growth and biodegradation. Although cobalt-EDTA cannot be degraded, ferrous iron can be added to displace the cobalt.