, Volume 57-58, Issue 1, pp 233-242

Screening forl-arabinose fermenting yeasts

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Utilization of pentose sugars (d-xylose andl-arabinose) derived from hemi-cellulose is essential for the economic conversion of biomass to ethanol. Xylose-fermenting yeasts were discovered in the 1980s, but to date, no yeasts have been found that fermentl-arabinose to ethanol in significant quantities. We have screened 116 different yeasts for the ability to fermentl-arabinose and have found the following species able to ferment the sugar:Candida auringiensis, Candida succiphila, Ambrosiozyma monospora, andCandida sp. (YB-2248). Though these yeasts produced ethanol concentrations of 4.1 g/L or less, they are potential candidates for mutational enhancement ofl-arabinose fermentation. These yeasts were also found to fermentd-xylose.

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