, Volume 15, Issue 1, pp 128-142

Course management systems and online teaching

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TEACHING AN EFFECTIVE ONLINE COURSE is a challenging experience. Although the content may be similar to that provided in a “traditional” course, the delivery, communication aspects, and management of an online course are quite different. In the past few years, course management systems have been developed that provide valuable tools for teaching and managing an online course.

This article presents an overview of the features of course management systems as they pertain to teaching online courses. Specifically, it identifies tools and techniques related to the effective use of management features, assessment options, instructional activities, and communication in online courses.

Ann E. Barron is a Professor of Instructional Technology at the University of South Florida. She has been teaching online courses for the past seven years and has used a variety of course management systems, including WebCT, Blackboard, TopClass, and Web Course in a Box. She is currently teaching three Web-based courses and was a recipient of the first annual USF Online Teaching Award in 2002.