, Volume 49, Issue 5, pp 519-525

Rice Na+/H+-antiporter Nhx1 partially complements the alkali-metal-cation sensitivity of yeast strains lacking three sodium transporters

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A triple mutant strain ofSaccharomyces cerevisiae lacking its own Na+-ATPases and Na+/H+ antiporters (ena1–4Δ nha1Δ nhx1Δ) was used for the expression of theOryza sativa NHX1 gene encoding a putative vacuolar Na+/H+ exchanger. Upon expression in yeast cells, theOsNhx1p is not a transport system specific only for sodium cations but it has a broad substrate specificity for at least four alkali metal cations (Na+, Li+, K+ and Rb+) and is able to substitute for the endogenous yeastScNhx1 antiporter. Its activity contributes to sequestration of alkali metal cations in intracellular vesicles.

This work was supported by grants from the EU (QLK3-CT-2001-00533).Grant Agency of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (GA CR 204/02/1240 and GA AV CR 5011407)Institutional Project AV 0Z 501 1922.