, Volume 7, Issue 1, pp 109-148

Quasiregular maps on Carnot groups

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In this paper we initiate the study of quasiregular maps in a sub-Riemannian geometry of general Carnot groups. We suggest an analytic definition for quasiregularity and then show that nonconstant quasiregular maps are open and discrete maps on Carnot groups which are two-step nilpotent and of Heisenberg type; we further establish, under the same assumption, that the branch set of a nonconstant quasiregular map has Haar measure zero and, consequently, that quasiregular maps are almost everywhere differentiable in the sense of Pansu. Our method is that of nonlinear potential theory. We have aimed at an exposition accessible to readers of varied background.

Dedicated to Seppo Rickman on his sixtieth birthday
J.H. was partially supported by NSF, the Academy of Finland, and the A. P. Sloan Foundation. I.H. was partially supported by the EU HCM contract no. CHRX-CT92-0071.