, Volume 34-35, Issue 1, pp 681-692

Growth characteristics of microalgae in high-concentration co2 gas, effects of culture medium trace components, and impurities thereon

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In order to reduce release of CO2 contained in the flue gas from a power plant, we assumed a system in which the flue gas was directly blown into a pond and CO2 was fixed on microalgae. We have experimentally examined the basic growth characteristics, such as trace components of culture medium, effects of impurities from exhaust gas, and light utilization rate of algal productivity, mainly forNonnochloropsis sp. NANNP-2 from SERI collection. Although Ni and V contained in heavy oil burnt ashes dissolve into culture solution, their concentrations are low, and they have no particular adverse effect on growth as impurities.

Culture medium trace component (i.e., heavy metals and vitamins) are essential for the NANNP-2. However, for the PHAEO-2(Phaeodactylum sp.), the growth rate hardly changes, even if vitamins and heavy metals other than Fe are eliminated.