NTM International Journal of History & Ethics of Natural Sciences, Technology & Medicine

, Volume 1, Issue 1, pp 37-55

First online:

Peter Simon Pallas und Karl Ernst von Baer—ihr Beitrag zur Zoologie im Spiegel unveröffentlichter Autographen des Zoologischen Museums Berlin

  • Ilse JahnAffiliated with

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Early zoological researches by P.S. Pallas and K.E. von Baer in their letters to the zoologists of Berlin. The centenaries which are celebrated in 1991 and 1992 in memory of P.S. Pallas (1791) and K.E. von Baer (born 1792) caused the following studies of hitherto unpublished sources, preserved in the collections of the Museum für naturkunde in Berlin. The earliest zoological works of Pallas are discussed in relation to his last publication on the “Zoographia Rosso-Asiatica” which should have been finished in Berlin. Some years after the death of Pallas, Baer also contacted the Berlin zoologists K.A. Rudolphi and M.H. Lichtenstein, asking for help, when he was going to establish zoology and a zoological museum at the University of Königsberg.