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, 48:485

DNA sequence polymorphisms in the genus Saccharomyces. I. Comparison of theHIS4 and ribosomal RNA genes in lager strains, ale strains and various species

  • Mogens Bohl Pedersen

DOI: 10.1007/BF02908692

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Pedersen, M.B. Carlsberg Res. Commun. (1983) 48: 485. doi:10.1007/BF02908692


The region of chromosome XII containing theRDN1 gene which encodes the cytosolic ribosomal RNA molecules and the region of chromosome III containing theHIS4 (histidine 4) gene were analysed in 30 lager yeast strains, 11 ale strains and 20 strains from a number of different species in the genus Saccharomyces.

With the aid of restriction endonuclease fragment patterns and cloned probes to theRDN1 gene of S. cerevisiae three forms of this gene were identified, two of them corresponding to the previously known forms I and II and a third one characterized by an additional HindIII site located in the 3′ spacer region. A more distantly related form of theRDN1 gene containing a single HindIII restriction site was found in Saccharomyces fermentati and one form without any HindIII site in a wild yeast contaminant.

With the help of the restriction endonuclease fragments derived from theHIS4 region seven genotypes can be recognized. They result from various combinations of three restriction endonuclease fragment patterns designated I, II and III, each pattern represents a chromosome.

All lager strains are homozygous for form II of the ribosomal RNA gene and heterozygous for patterns I and II of theHIS4 gene. An exception is one German brewing strain which is homozygous for pattern II.

With one exception the ale strains were homozygous for form II of theRDN1 gene and for pattern I of theHIS4 gene. One British strain contains form I of theRDN1 gene. Bakers yeast, S. diastaticus and S. italicus are homozygous for form I of theRDN1 gene and for pattern I of theHIS4 gene. In S. bayanus and S. pastorianus homozygosity for form III of theRDN1 gene was combined with heterozygosity for patterns II and III of theHIS4 gene. S. uvarum is homozygous for both form III of theRDN1 gene and pattern III of theHIS4 gene. Form III of theRDN1 gene and patterns I and II of theHIS4 gene were combined in a Chinese brewing strain and a strain designated as a type strain of S. carlsbergensis.

The nucleotide sequence polymorphisms are useful markers for strain characterization in addition to the generally used fermentation properties.


Brewers yeastsα-galactosidasesporulationrestriction endonuclease patternsmolecular hybridizationS. bayanusS. carlsbergensisS. cerevisiaeS. diastaticusS. ellipsoideusS. fermentatiS. italicusS. pastorianus







0.15m-NaCl, 15mm-Na citrate


tris-(hydroxymethyl)-amino methane

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