Journal of instructional development

, Volume 9, Issue 2, pp 19–28

Training interactive videodisc designers

  • Brockenbrough S. Allen
  • Debra M. Erickson

DOI: 10.1007/BF02905210

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Allen, B.S. & Erickson, D.M. Journal of Instructional Development (1986) 9: 19. doi:10.1007/BF02905210


This article describes a model for training instructional designers who will work as members of a videodisc development team. The model develops and integrates a complex set of skills that range from planning and design to programming and production. Its purpose is to train designers who can envision the many facets of disc development—designers who can converse intelligently, creatively, and efficiently with other specialists. The model is implemented, over a 15-week period, through a sequence of intense and highly coordinated activities. These build rapidly from relatively simple tasks that omit many aspects of disc development to a complex collaborative undertaking that includes, in simplified form, all of the major elements involved in creating a disc from scratch.

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  • Brockenbrough S. Allen
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  • Debra M. Erickson
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  1. 1.Educational Technology ProgramSan Diego State UniversityUSA
  2. 2.Sea World of CaliforniaUSA