, Volume 46, Issue 22, pp 1856-1858

Singlebeam two-photon three-dimensional optical storage in a pyrryl-substituted fulgide photochromic material

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We introduce a high-density three-dimensional optical data storage approach by using a pyrryl-substituted fulgide photochromic material with a method of single-beam two-photon recording and fluorescence confocal readout. The detailed information about the photochromic material and the experimental setup are presented. The experiments about multi-layered recording and readout are carried out with a 100-μm-thick transparent photochromic material film. The results show that the lateral resolution is better than 1 μm, and the longitudinal resolution is about 3 μm. Besides, the readout times for the recorded data are desirable when using a readout laser power smaller than 5 mW.