, Volume 4, Issue 1, pp 32-37

Synthesis, characterization, and properties of ethoxylated azo dyes

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The nonionic surfactant properties of ethoxylated azo dyes, such as cloud point and surface tension have been investigated. The synthesized ethoxylated azo dyes could dye polyester fabric without any special pre-treatment. When the average number of ethylene oxide (EO) in the ethoxylated azo dye reached 6, its fixation could exceed 90% from the thermosol dyeing process. The average degree of condensation of ethylene glycol in the chain was interrelated with the dyeing results and did not affect on the maximum absorption wavelength (λmax) of the polyoxyethylene dye. When the average length of polyoxyethylene chain decreased, the molecular weight of dyes became smaller and the fixation of dyes was improved.