, Volume 63, Issue 1, pp 325-329

Neuroendocrine neoplasms of the lung are not associated with point mutations at codon 12 of the Ki-ras gene

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The most prominent abnormality ofras proto-oncogenes in human lung tumours has involved point mutations at codon 12 of the Ki-ras gene. We have analysed 35 tumour samples of neuroendocrine lung neoplasms (ten carcinoid tumours, ten well-differentiated neuroendocrine carcinomas, and 15 intermediate/small cell neuroendocrine carcinomas) for a point mutation at this site. For this purpose, formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded tissue sections were microdissected to remove non-tumorous areas. DNA in the remaining tumour tissue was amplified in vitro by the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and double-stranded PCR products were subjected to sequence analysis. Neither point mutations at codon 12 nor additional structural alterations at codons 1–32 were detected in the Ki-ras gene. Our results suggest that point mutations at codon 12 of the Ki-ras gene do not seem to be involved in the pathogenesis of pulmonary neuroendocrine neoplasms.