Lanthanide perchlorate complexes of 4-cyano pyridine-N-oxide, 4-chloro 2-picoline-N-oxide and 4-dimethyl amino-2-picoline-N-oxide

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Complexes of lanthanide perchlorates with 4-cyano pyridine-1-oxide, 4-chloro 2-picoline-1-oxide and 4-dimethyl-amino 2-picoline-1-oxide have been isolated for the first time and characterized by analysis, conductance, infrared, NMR and electronic spectra. The complexes of 4-cyano pyridine-1-oxides have the composition Ln(CyPO)6(ClO4)3. 2H2O (Ln=La, Sm, Dy and Ho); Ln(CyPO)7 (ClO4)3. 2H2O (Ln=Pr, Nd, Er and Yb); and Ln(CyPO)5 (ClO4)3. 2H2O (Ln=Gd and Tb). The complexes of 4-chloro 2-picoline-1-oxide analyse for the formulae Ln(CpicO)6 (ClO4)3 (Ln=La, Pr, Nd and Ho); and Ln (CpicO)5 (ClO4)3 (Ln=Er and Yb), and those of 4-dimethylamino 2-picoline-1-oxide for Ln(DMPicO)6 (ClO4)3 (Ln=La and Nd); Ln(DMPicO)7 (ClO4)3 (Ln=Gd, Er and Yb); and Ln(DMPicO)8 (ClO4)3 (Ln=Dy and Ho).