, Volume 27, Issue 4-5, pp 292-302

Hormonal regulation of reproductive development in higher plants

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The present paper deals with the hormonal regulation of reproductive development,i.e. flowering and sex manifestation. Representation of hormonal regulation of flowering is based on the concept of florigen as a two-component, complementary system of flowering hormones, which consists of gibberellins and anthesins. Data are presented on the effect of extracts of gibberellin- and anthesin-type substances from the leaves of flowering and vegetatively growing plants under non-inductive conditions of day length. Experiments with flowering of plants under the influence of graftings serve as a basis for considering the question about the common nature of one of the florigen components — anthesins, for various plant species.

The mechanism controlling tuberization in both intact and grafted plants is based on the participation of all the components of the hormonal system and constitutes one of the most vivid manifestations of integration of all the organs in the whole organism.