, Volume 21, Issue 10, pp 1-93

X-ray emission from laser-produced plasmas

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The interaction of intense laser light with matter is now widely recognised as the most versatile and promising way of generating intense pulsed X-ray radiation. The scale of presently available laser systems required to set up a powerful X-ray source in a small-size laboratory, has made it possible to conceive and develop a wide range of multidisciplinary applications. Further, the fast development of powerful lasers towards higher efficiency and compact designs is giving a strong impulse to the implementation of LPP X-ray sources in advanced industrial applications. On the other hand, an intense activity is being devoted to this field by many laboratories world-wide within internationally coordinated programmes. These joint initiatives are continuously producing important scientific results. Hard X-ray emission and high-order harmonics from fs interactions are only examples of recent achievements of laser-matter interaction studies which represent a breakthrough in the field of X-ray generation.

The authors acknowledge the support given by the colleagues of the Laser-Plasma Interaction Group in which they operate at Istituto di Fisica Atomica e Molecolare (CNR). In particular they are grateful to A. Giulietti for enlightening discussions and for his invaluable contribution to the manuscript. The authors also wish to acknowledge the role played by the TMR European Networks “Generation and Application of Ultra-Short X-ray Pulses” (GAUSEX, Contract N.ERBFMRXCT960080) and “Super Intense Laser Pulse-Solid Interactions” (SILASI, Contract N.ERBFMRXCT960043), to which they participate, in promoting and supporting advanced studies and applications of X-ray emission from laser-produced plasmas.