, Volume 18, Issue 3-4, pp 91-94

Diffusion coefficient of the protein in various crystallization solutions: The key to growing high-quality crystals in space

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The diffusion coefficients of lysozyme and alpha-amylase were measured in the various polyethylene glycol (PEG) solutions. Obtained diffusion coefficients were studied with the viscosity coefficient of the solution. It was found that the diffusion process of the protein was suppressed with a factor of vγ, where ν is a relative viscosity coefficient of the PEG solution. The value of γ is −0.64 at PEG1500 for both proteins. The value increased to −0.48 at PEG8000 for lysozyme, while decreased to −0.72 for alpha-amylase. The equation of an approximate diffusion coefficient at certain PEG molecular weight and concentration was roughly obtained.