, Volume 10, Issue 7, pp 49-57

Polymer nanocomposites

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The synthesis of polymer nanocomposites is an integral aspect of polymer nanotechnology. By inserting the nanometric inorganic compounds, the properties of polymers improve and hence this has a lot of application depending upon the inorganic material present in the polymers. Solvent casting is one of the easiest and less time consuming methods for the synthesis of polymer nanocomposites. In this article we present different types of polymer composites, methods of synthesis, characterisation techniques and different applications of polymer composites.

A Lagashetty is Head, Department of Engineering Chemistry, Appa Institute of Engineering and Technology, Gulbarga, Karnataka. His research interests are synthesis, characterization and applications of nanomaterials and polymer nanocomposites.
A Venkataraman is Head, Department of Materials Science, Gulbarga University, Gulbarga. His research interests are nanomaterials, nanomaterials as sensors, polymer synthesis and polymer nanocomposites.