, Volume 16, Issue 3, pp 187-192

Relationships of climate change and tree ring ofBetula ermanii tree line forest in Changbai Mountain

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Based on the tree-ring growth characteristics of Erman's birch (Betula ermanii charm.) and the relationships between it and climatic factors at elevation of 1950m, the sensitivity of tree lines in Changbai Mountain to climatic factors was assessed. The results indicated tree line forest in Changbai Mountain had an obvious, sensitivity to climate factors. However, difference from other study sits is that the main climatic control factor on tree-ring growth was not current growth season temperatures, as might be expected, but previous winter and current March temperature. Although the precipitation in the region was quite abundant, the tree-ring growth was still significantly correlated with the precipitation during previous winter and current spring. Additionally, climatic factors which influenced the Erman's birch growth were not the yearly variables, but seasonal and monthly variables. Therefore the reported increase in yearly mean temperature and total yearly precipitation since 1980s was not responded by sustained increase in ring widths in recent decades.