, Volume 24, Issue 1, pp 37-49

Dispersion, germination and growth of seedlings ofSagittaria lancifolia L.

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Sagittaria lancifolia L. a perennial helophyte growing in shallow waters has asexual reproduction by rhizomes and sexual reproduction by achenes. We studied the morphological characteristics of achenes related to its dispersion, some factors affecting its germination and the development stages and growth of seedlings. This species produces many achenes, and disperses through epizoochory and hydrochory. Achenes germinate on light only. 100% germination was obtained at 25°C. Under conditions of inundation the germination period decreases, and the percentage of germination in creases when compared to achenes with or without imbibition. Achenes in anaerobic conditions have reduced germination.

The growth of seedlings ofS. lancifolia was affected by the temperature: each organ of the seedlings grows differently in dependence upon this factor. For example, roots grow faster during the early stages of the seedlings.