, Volume 6, Issue 4, pp 322-332

Continuous measurement of cardiac output with the use of stochastic system identification techniques

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The limitations of developing a technique to measure cardiac output continuously are given. Logical explanations are provided for the economic, technical, and physiologic benefits of a stochastic system identification technique for measuring cardiac output. Heat is supplied by a cathetermounted filament driven according to a pseudorandom binarsequence. Volumetric fluid flow is derived by a crosscorrelation algorithm written in the C language. In vitro validation is performed with water in a flow bench. The computed flow (y) compared with the in-line-measured flow (x) yields the linear regression y = 1.024x-0.157 (r = 0.99). The average coefficient of variation is less than 2% over a volumetric fluid flow range of 2 to 10 L/min.