Limit distributions of expanding translates of certain orbits on homogeneous spaces

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LetL be a Lie group and λ a lattice inL. SupposeG is a non-compact simple Lie group realized as a Lie subgroup ofL and\(\overline {GA} = L\). LetaεG be such that Ada is semisimple and not contained in a compact subgroup of Aut(Lie(G)). Consider the expanding horospherical subgroup ofG associated toa defined as U+ ={gεG:a −n gan} →e as n → ∞. Let Ω be a non-empty open subset ofU + andn i ∞ be any sequence. It is showed that\(\overline { \cup _{i = 1}^\infty a^n \Omega \Lambda } = L\). A stronger measure theoretic formulation of this result is also obtained. Among other applications of the above result, we describeG-equivariant topological factors of L/gl × G/P, where the real rank ofG is greater than 1,P is a parabolic subgroup ofG andG acts diagonally. We also describe equivariant topological factors of unipotent flows on finite volume homogeneous spaces of Lie groups.