, Volume 20, Issue 2, pp 161-175
Date: 03 Sep 2012

Comparison of seven DNA extraction and amplification protocols in historical herbarium specimens of juncaceae

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Seven DNA extraction protocols were used to obtain DNA from herbarium specimens ofJuncus andLuzula (Juncaceae) of various ages. DNA of historical samples is difficult to extract, and the extracts are seldom of good quality. The quality of DNA obtained was estimated by using a spectrophotometer to measure the A260/280 absorbance ratio. The total DNA yield was measured by a fluorometer. The results indicate the success of using both mixer mill grinding and a DNeasy Plant Kit. Another extraction protocol (grinding with mortar and pestle, using liquid nitrogen) yielded DNA from many samples. Modified CTAB extraction, with a lengthy precipitation, usually provided good amounts of DNA. Other protocols did not give satisfactory results.