, Volume 98, Issue 1, pp 43-64

Function theory for Laplace and Dirac-Hodge Operators in hyperbolic space

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We develop basic properties of solutions to the Dirac-Hodge and Laplace equations in upper half space endowed with the hyperbolic metric. Solutions to the Dirac-Hodge equation are called hypermonogenic functions, while solutions to this version of Laplace's equation are called hyperbolic harmonic functions. We introduce a Borel-Pompeiu formula forC 1 functions and a Green's formula for hyperbolic harmonic functions. Using a Cauchy integral formula, we introduce Hardy spaces of solutions to the Dirac-Hodge equation. We also provide new arguments describing the conformal covariance of hypermonogenic functions and invariance of hyperbolic harmonic functions and introduce intertwining operators for the Dirac-Hodge operator and hyperbolic Laplacian.

Research supported by the National Science Foundation of China (Mathematics Tianyuan Foundation, No A324610) and Hebei Province (105129)
Research supported by Academy of Finland