, Volume 17, Issue 1-3, pp 357-369

Production of ethanol from sugar cane bagasse hemicellulose hydrolyzate byPichia stipitis

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The ability ofPichia stipitis to fermentd-xylose andd-glucose in the acid-hydrolyzed hemicellulose component of sugar cane bagasse depends on the alkali used to neutralize the hydrolyzate to pH 6.5. With NH4OH and NaOH no fermentation occurred, whereas neutralization with Ca(OH)2 gave the best results (Qpmax=0.25 g/L-h; Yp/s =0.38 g/g sugar). However, the volumetric productivity was still considerably less than observed in a semisynthetic medium with a sugar composition similar to the hydrolyzate. L-arabinose was not fermented but assimilated. Sequential neutralization methods failed to improve the fermentation. Acetic acid and lignin derivatives present in the hydrolyzate were major components that inhibited the fermentation.