Journal of Forest Research

, Volume 3, Issue 2, pp 119–122

Relationship between resistance to vole browsing and content of ether extract in the bark of larch species and hybrids


  • Eiji Hayashi
    • Hokkaido Breeding OfficeForest Tree Breeding Center, Ebetsu
  • Kazuya Iizuka
    • Hokkaido Breeding OfficeForest Tree Breeding Center, Ebetsu
  • Shin-ichi Sukeno
    • Oji Paper Co. Ltd.Forestry Research Institute, Kuriyama Research Center, Kuriyama
  • Kohzo Kohno
    • Hokkaido Breeding OfficeForest Tree Breeding Center, Ebetsu
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DOI: 10.1007/BF02760312

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Hayashi, E., Iizuka, K., Sukeno, S. et al. J For Res (1998) 3: 119. doi:10.1007/BF02760312


We determined the survival rate of tree families produced by the intra- and interspecific crossing of larch species damaged by browsing of vole (Clethrionomys rufocanus bedfordiae Thomas) and the contents of ether extracts (EE) in their bark. The average survival ofLarix gmelini var.japonica Pilg. (L. gmeliniL. gmelini (G×G) was highest, followed by the hybridL. gmelini×L. leptolepis Gordon (G×L). The families of the hybrid G×L, which is considered suitable for silviculture in Hokkaido, Japan, showed significant differences in survival rates, suggesting that it is possible to produce improved varieties of the hybrid which are more resistant to vole browsing. The EE contents of the bark were under strong hereditary control, and the rank of the EE content among the various families hardly fluctuated between the location of the test fields. The correlation coefficient between the survival rates and the EE contents was highly significant (r=0.89,n=24,p<0.01), indicating that the EE content in the bark may be used as a possible index of resistance or susceptibility to vole browsing in larch plantations.

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Clethrionomys rufocanus bedfordiae Thomas content of ether extract Larix gmelini var.japonica Pilg. Larix leptolepis Gordon resistance to vole browsing

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