, Volume 36, Issue 3, pp 235-242

Structural and electrical properties of layered tetradymite-like compounds in the GeTe—Bi2Te3 and GeTe—Sb2Te3 systems

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Analysis of the available crystallographic data shows that the GeTe-Bi2Te3 and GeTe-Sb2Te3 pseudobinary systems contain a wide variety of many-layered, long-period compounds belonging to the nGeTe · mBi2Te3 and nGeTe · mSb2Te3 homologous series. The Hall coefficient, thermoelectric power, and electrical conductivity of some of these compounds were measured over a wide temperature range. The temperature-dependent carrier mobility data suggest that both acoustic phonons and point defects contribute to the scattering of charge carriers. The lattice thermal conductivity of the many-layered, long-period compounds studied, κph = 6–8 mW/(cm K), is notably lower than that of the constituent tellurides