, Volume 160, Issue 1, pp 207-218

Acyl CoA synthetase from rat lung purification and properties

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Long chain fatty acyl-CoA synthetase, a key enzyme in fatty acid metabolism, occurs in liver, brain, muscle, adipose tissue and bacteria. In our study, rat lung was found to have an acyl-CoA synthetase very active for the synthesis of palmitoyl CoA. The lung microsomal and cell membrane fractions were the principle sources of this enzyme, with mitochondria the next most active fraction. Palmitoyl CoA synthetase was isolated from rat lung microsomes and purified 100-fold. Enzyme activity was determined either by spectrophotometric or by radioactive assay methods. Kinetic parameters and properties were determined using purified microsomal palmitoyl CoA synthetase. The assay system required ATP and CoA as substrates. Maximal activation was reached with palmitate as substrate.