, Volume 15, Issue 3, pp 324-329

Reactive extraction of lactic acid in a packed column

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Reactive extraction of lactic acid was performed continuously in a packed column. The 0.6 M trioctylamine (TOA)/l-chlorobutane system was used as an extradant. The initial concentration of lactic acid was 10 wt% based on fermentation results. Raschig rings (5 and 7 mm diameter) were used to measure hydrodynamic data. Disperse phase holdup was nearly constant at Vd<0.8Vd,f.It can be seen that the flooding data obtained from this study were consistent with the literature. NTU and HTU were calculated. NTU varied from 1 to 2 and HTU from 96 cm to 44 cm with variation of Vd. The overall mass transfer coefficients of the continuous phase were nearly constant to 8.98x 10-5 mol/cm2s with variation of Vd.