, Volume 23, Issue 4, pp 576-580

Gasification characteristics of combustible wastes in a 5 ton/day fixed bed gasifier

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The gasification characteristics of combustible wastes were determined in a 5 ton/day fixed bed gasifier (1.2 m I.D. and 2.8m high). The fixed bed gasifier consisted of air compressor, oxygen tank, MFC, fixed bed gasifier, cyclone, heat exchanger, solid/gas separator, water fluidized bed reactor and blower. To capture soot or unburned carbon from the gasification reaction, solid/gas separator and water fluidized bed were used. The experiments with 10–50 hours of operation were carried out to determine the effects of bed temperature, solid/oxygen ratio and oxidant on the gas composition, calorific value and carbon conversion. The calorific values of the produced gas decreased with an increase of bed temperature because combustion reaction happened more actively. The gas composition of partial oxidation of woodchip is CO: 34.4%, H2: 10.7%, CH4: 6.0%, CO2: 48.9% and that of RPF is CO: 33.9%, H2: 26.1%, CH4: 10.7%, CO2: 29.2%. The average calorific values of produced gas were about 1,933 kcal/Nm3, 2,863 kcal/Nm3, respectively. The maximum calorific values were 3,100 kcal/Nm3 at RPF/oxygen ratio: 7