, Volume 10, Issue 1, pp 145-151

Mechanism of action of aflatoxin B1

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The inhibitory effects of aflatoxin B1 were found to be related to the gram character in procaryotes, used in this study. Ethylene diamine tetra chloroacetic acid (0.05% w/v) or Tween-80 (0.05 % v/v) addition accentuated the aflatoxin B1 growth inhibition inSalmonella typhi andEscherichia coli at different pH values. The inhibition of lipase production was only 5–20 % inPseudomonas fluorescence ca. 25–48% inStaphylococcus aureus andBacillus cereus at different aflatoxin B1 concentrations (4–16μg/ml).However, inhibition of α-amylase induction was complete in1Bacillus megaterium whereas the inhibition was partial inPseudomonas fluorescence (27–40%) at 32μg aflatoxin B1 concentration. An increase in leakage of cell contents and decreased inulin uptake were observed in toxin incubated sheep red blood cell suspension (1 %) with increased aflatoxin B1 concentration