, Volume 16, Issue 1, pp 145-155
Date: 01 Feb 1995

The Y- autosome ttanslocation ofCallimico goeldii

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Intraspecific chromosomal variability is common among New World primates. A polymorphism has been described among male Callimico goeldiiin which the Y chromosome is translocated to an autosome. Consequently, males may have a chromosome number of 47 or 48. We describe the results of karyotypic analyses on 40 captive male C. goeldii.Thirty- nine of them had a diploid chromosome number of 47, including the Y- autosome translocation. The remaining male had 48 chromosomes;however, he too carried the translocation along with two X chromosomes. The reported Y- chromosome translocation in Callimico goeldiiappears not to be a polymorphism but, instead, a feature characteristic of all males in the population.