, Volume 2, Issue 1, pp 47-55

A previously undescribed mangabey from Southern Tanzania

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A new form ofCercocebus galeritus is described. The new mangabey was discovered recently in the Uzungwe Mountains of Tanzania. It inhabits a restricted area of lowland and transitional rain forest on the steep, dissected, southeast-facing scarp slopes. In general appearance (size, shape, hair patterns, posture, gait), it closely resembles other forms of this species:C. g. galeritus from the Tana River gallery forests in Kenya andC. g. agilis from Gabon and Zaire. The pelage is intermediate in color between these two subspecies. Areas of bare skin differ markedly from the otherC. galeritus, particularly the almost cream-colored face. Vocalizations are typical forC. galeritus. Preliminary field observations indicate that these mangabeys form multimale groups with a tendency to move as dissociated subparties, as is the case forC. g. galeritus. Although no formal classification is proposed, the evidence suggests that the new mangabey should joinC. g. galeritus,C. g. agilis andC. g. chrysogaster as a fourth distinct form within the polytypic speciesC. galeritus.