, Volume 36, Issue 9-10, pp 498-501

Thermodynamic properties of praseodymium silicides in the temperature range 298.15-2257 K

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For the first time the enthalpy of four praseodymium silicides (Pr5Si3, Pr5Si4, PrSi, and PrSi1.8) is measured by the drop calorimeter method in the temperature range from 316 to 2257 K. The temperatures, enthalpies, and entropies of fusion and polymorphic transformation of PrSi1.8 are determined. The temperature dependences of the thermodynamic functions of the silicides are calculated and recommended for practical use.

Materials Science Institute, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Kiev. Translated from Poroshkovaya Metallurgiya, Nos. 9–10(397), pp. 51–56, September–October, 1997.