, Volume 38, Issue 3-4, pp 152-156

Preparation of boron nitride fibers with the use of hydrated cellulose. I. Decomposition of hydrated cellulose impregnated with boron-containing compounds

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The decomposition of hydrated cellulose impregnated with boric acid or ammonium tetraborate was studied using differential thermal, mass spectroscopic, X-ray diffraction, and chemical analysis, as well as electron microscopy. The temperature range of decomposition, compositions of the solid and gaseous decomposition products, and structure of the carbon fibers produced were determined. It was established that impregnation with boron-containing compounds shifts the decomposition of hydrated cellulose to higher temperatures, but has no effect on the dehydration process.

Institute for Problems of Materials Science, Ukraine National Academy of Sciences, Kiev. Translated from poroshkovaya Metallurgiya, Nos. 3–4(406), pp. 46–51, March–April, 1999.