, Volume 57, Issue 1, pp 48-52

The dsc thermal analysis of crystallization behavior in palm oil, II

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Polymorphic behavior of palm oil crystals was investigated by means of a differential scanning calorimeter under isothermal and constant cooling conditions. Constant cooling conditions produced β1’ crystals mixed with α, and β2’ crystals. All underwent the typical transformations to the more stable forms; i.e., β2’ → α → β1’ → β. Isothermal conditions produced: (a) α crystals mixed with β1’, (b) transformation from them to β1, and (c)β2 and β3 crystals. In palm oil crystals, sorbitan tristearate retarded the transformation of the unstable α and β’ forms to the stable β form. This retardation, however, was greatly influenced by the cooling and heating conditions. Using that property of sorbitan tristearate, the polymorphic behavior of palm oil crystals could be studied in detail.