, Volume 46, Issue 1, pp 19-25

Histology of the ink tube and its associated organs in a unicornfish,Eumecichthys fiskii (Lampridiformes)

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Histological examination of the ink tube (=sac) and melanoid ink production in the unicornfish,Eumecichthys fiskii (Taeniosomi), were conducted on a female specimen, 1050 mm in total length, caught off Sado Island. Sea of Japan, on 16 December, 1996. The ink tube, apparently derived from a primitive gut, was constructed from the connective tissue capsule, muscularis, submucosa and a single layer of cuboidal cells reminiscent of an intestinal villus. Although the site and process of differentiation of melanoid granules could not be determined. variously-sized melanoid clumps were detect-ed between the spaces of the villus-like cell cords. Melanoid ink excreted from the ink tube was attached to the surfaces of the latter, the intestine and the pouch associated with swim bladder. No ink was encountered in the intestinal canal.