Journal of Electronic Materials

, Volume 11, Issue 4, pp 699-747

Electrical properties of carbon-polymer composites

  • E. K. SichelAffiliated withRCA Laboratories
  • , J. I. GittlemanAffiliated withRCA Laboratories
  • , Ping ShengAffiliated withExxon Research and Engineering Co.

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Both the experimental and theoretical aspects of the transport of electric charge in carbon black-polymer composites are reviewed. The morphology of these composites is discussed emphasizing its influence on the transport which is dominated by tunneling of electrons between adjacent carbon clusters and through the polymer film which separates them. The tunneling, which is enhanced by thermal fluctuations, leads to a resistivity ρ(T) ∞ exp[T1/7 (T+T0)] at low electric fields and to nonlinear effects at high electric fields which are also a function of Tl/(T+T0). This tunneling mechanism is compared with the mechanisms dominant in cermets and amorphous semiconductors.

Key words

carbon black-polymer composites morphology tunneling conduction