, Volume 61, Issue 1, pp 85-86

Chemical composition and characteristics ofMoringa peregrina seeds and seeds oil

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TheMoringa peregrina kernel contains 1.8% moisture, 54.3% oil, 22.1% protein, 3.6% fiber, 15.3% carbohydrate and 2.5% ash. The composition and characteristics of the extracted oil were determined. Gas liquid chromatography of methyl esters of the fatty acids shows the presence of 14.7% saturated fatty acids and 84.7% unsaturated fatty acids. The fatty acid composition is as follows: palmitic 9.3%, palmitoleic 2.4%, stearic 3.5%, oleic 78.0%, linoleic 0.6%, linolenic 1.6%, arachidic 1.8% and behenic 2.6%.