, Volume 30, Issue 7, pp 269-271

The acetoglycerides as plasticizers for vinyl resin

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The screening evaluation experiments on a number of acetoglycerides have indicated that they can be used as secondary plasticizers to improve some of the plasticizing qualities of plasticizers, such as tricresyl phosphate and Santicizer 141, and as extenders for plasticizers, such as dioctyl sebacate. Additional information will be necessary in order to confirm the tentative conclusions drawn as to the effect of unsaturation, polyunsaturation, and degree of acetylation upon the plasticizing characteristics of the acetoglycerides to determine more precisely their potentialities for vinyl chloride resins and to extend the possible use of the acetoglycerides as plasticizers to other resins.

One of the laboratories of the Bureau of Agricultural and Industrial Chemistry, Agricultural Research Administration, U. S. Department of Agriculture.