, Volume 57, Issue 9, pp 310-313

The properties ofCucurbita foetidissima seed oil

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Oils from the seeds of 15 different selections of the buffalo gourd,Cucurbita foetidissima, were characterized in terms of their physical and chemical properties, which indicate that this oil is similar to other common edible oils. Xanthophylls were the predominant carotenoid pigments present in the crude oil, ranging from 51~232 mg/kg oil. Linoleic acid, the predominant fatty acid, ranged from 39~77% with an average level of 61%. Although conjugated unsaturated acids are a significant component in some other xerophytic cucurbit oils, the levels of conjugated dienoic and trienoic fatty acids in this species are only 2.3 and 0.03%, respectively.

Arizona Agricultural Experiment Station No. 3081.