, Volume 68, Issue 8, pp 566-570

Relationship between oxidative stability of vitamin E and production of fatty acids in oils during microwave heating

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Effects of microwave heating on the oxidative stability ofd-tocopherols were studied in relation to the production of fatty acids in oils. During microwave heating, the stability of tocopherols decreased in the orderδ>β>γ>α. This order did not depend on the types of ethyl esters of fatty acids or oils present. But, the shorter the chainlength and the lower the degree of unsaturation of the fatty acid ethyl esters, the greater was the reduction in amount of individual tocopherols. A similar tendency was observed when tocopherol-stripped vegetable oils, with equimolar mixtures of tocopherols added, were treated under the same conditions. The reduction in tocopherols became greater with increasing levels of free fatty acids.