, Volume 68, Issue 3, pp 144-146

Relationship between slip melting point and pulsed NMR data of palm kernel oil

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A quantitative relationship between slip melting point (SMP) of palm kernel oil and pulsed nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) data was established. Regression analysis on the SMP and solid fat content (SFC) data by NMR afforded the following relationship: SMP (°C) = 0.03278 X (SFC 10) + 0.1458 X (SFC 20) + 19.1738 where SFC 10 was the solid fat content (%) at 10°C and SFC 20 was the solid fat content (%) at 20°C. The coefficient of multiple correlation was 0.87871. The equation was tested with 12 samples of crude and refined palm kernel oil. SMPs as determined indirectly by NMR correlated well with the conventional open capillary tube results (r = 0.99998). The maximum difference observed was 0.3°C. The correlation can be applied usefully for quality control.