Advances in Atmospheric Sciences

, Volume 5, Issue 4, pp 445-454

First online:

Algebraic rossby solitary wave and blocking in the atmosphere

  • Luo DehaiAffiliated withInstitute of Atmospheric Physics, Academia Sinica
  • , Ji LirenAffiliated withInstitute of Atmospheric Physics, Academia Sinica

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In this paper, the atmosphere is divided into two regions which are governed by different equations. Furthermore, multiple-scale method is used to obtain the Benjamin-Ono equation satisfied by the nonlinear Rossby wave in weak shear zonal flow. The equation has algebraic solitary wave solution, and the stationary streamfunction fields in-ithe atmosphere are calculated by using numerical method, and the results demonstrate that the stationary solution is antisymmetric dipoles with the anticyclone north of the cyclone, and the structure is similar to the equivalent modon obtained by Mcwilliams (1980). Because the modon obtained here is an algebraic solitary wave, the modon may be called “algebraic modon”, and the stationary algebraic modon is consistent with observations of blocking pattern in the atmosphere.