Journal of Electronic Materials

, Volume 3, Issue 3, pp 693–707

Three garnet compositions for bubble domain memories


  • J. W. Nielsen
    • Bell Laboratories
  • S. L. Blank
    • Bell Laboratories
  • D. H. Smith
    • Bell Laboratories
  • G. P. Vella-Coleiro
    • Bell Laboratories
  • F. B. Hagedorn
    • Bell Laboratories
  • R. L. Barns
    • Bell Laboratories
  • W. A. Biolsi
    • Bell Laboratories

DOI: 10.1007/BF02655293

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Nielsen, J.W., Blank, S.L., Smith, D.H. et al. JEM (1974) 3: 693. doi:10.1007/BF02655293


The choice of magnetic garnet compositions for bubble memories is always a compromise dictated by the material requirements generated by the specifications on the memories. The three compositions reported, Y2.62Smo.38Fe3.85Ga1.15O12, Gd2.lLuO.9Fe4.4Al0.6O12, and Yl.92Sm0.1Ca0.98Fe4.02Ge0.98O12, represent three examples of such a compromise. The first composition is excellent for use in circuits operating at 100 KHz over a temperature range of -20° to 80°C. The second has a mobility up to 5000 cm/sec/0e and is capable of very high speed operation at the sacrifice of stability toward temperature. The third exhibits excellent stability toward temperature and has operated at 1 MHz but is compositionally more complex.

Melt compositions for film growth and a summary of magnetic properties are presented for the three compositions. Factors to be weighed in composition selection for bubble domain memories are discussed.


magnetic garnetsbubble domainsmemoriesgarnet films

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