Journal of Electronic Materials

, Volume 5, Issue 1, pp 69-89

First online:

Ternary phase relations in the vicinity of chalcopyrite copper gallium sulfide

  • M. KoktaAffiliated withBell Telephone Laboratories
  • , J. R. CarruthersAffiliated withBell Telephone Laboratories
  • , M. GrassoAffiliated withBell Telephone Laboratories
  • , H. M. KasperAffiliated withBell Telephone Laboratories
  • , B. TellAffiliated withBell Telephone LaboratoriesBell Laboratories

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Some of the ternary phase relationships relevant to the growth of Cu1-x Ga1-x/3 -S2 chalcopyrite crystals have been studied by DTā, TGA, x-ray powder diffraction, lattice parameter measurements, scanning electron microscopy and optical absorption. The extensive existence region of the compound (0 ≤ x ≤ O.1645) was verified and some evidence for extensive sulfur solubility at x = 0 obtained. The dystectic (maximum melting) composition was obtained from a melt of about 53 at% S, 25 at% Ga, and 21 at% Cu. Conditions necessary for the growth of stoichiometric crystals which are free of CuxS precipitates and the associated green coloration are given. Such compositions are necessary for the generation of luminescence in this compound.


Phase relations Copper gallium sulfide