Sex Roles

, Volume 27, Issue 11, pp 699–716

College student gender stereotypes: Expectations about the behavior of male subcategory members

  • Eileen M. England

DOI: 10.1007/BF02651098

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England, E.M. Sex Roles (1992) 27: 699. doi:10.1007/BF02651098


Traditional research on gender stereotypes emphasized similarities among males in that all men were expected to exhibit stereotypic characteristics. Recent research described subcategories (family man, businessman, macho male) suggesting important differences among men. This study investigated college student expectations of similarities and differences among stereotypic male subcategories across five role characteristics: financial provider responsibilities, instrumental tendencies, assertiveness, familial responsibilities, and interpersonal tendencies. The white, middle-class students expected all men to take financial provider and familial responsibilities seriously, and to be assertive. As for differences, the family man and man in general were expected to be interpersonal, and the family man, businessman, and man in general were expected to be more instrumental than the macho male. Implications are discussed.

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  • Eileen M. England
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